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Looking for a place to serve?


Looking for a place to serve?   Please contact the church office for details on these ministries. SJJ Choir United Methodist Women (UMW) (Rummage & Bake Sale) Upper Room Prayer Line, 1st and 3rd Thursdays PM  Sarah Shop, Tuesday PM and Thursday AM Safe Place for Women, Wednesday AM The Lord’s Table, Tuesday PM Coffee Hour following the 2nd Service (September ... Read More »

How to Affect Change in Your Life

Make things happen, concept words

A Bible Pattern for Self-Help and Self-Improvement Scriptural guidelines for improving yourself and changing your life and habits. Becoming a Christian requires change. We must remove old habits and develop new ones. This study considers Bible principles to help us improve ourselves: faith, love, repentance, Bible study, prayer, avoiding temptation, and patience. God’s word is the best source of guidance ... Read More »

United Methodists and Communion: Some Questions and Answers


Why do United Methodists call this sharing of bread and cup by different names, such as Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, and Eucharist? Each of these names is taken from the New Testament and highlights certain facets of this sacrament’s many meanings. Calling it the Lord’s Supper reminds us that it is a meal instituted by the Lord Jesus Christ and ... Read More »

Who is in charge of worship in the local church?


Have you ever wondered just who is responsible for putting services together?  Hopefully this will help answer that question… The appointed pastor is given this responsibility. The Book of Discipline, on the responsibilities of a pastor, says the pastor is “to preach the Word of God, lead in worship, read and teach the Scriptures and engage the people in study ... Read More »

Stewardship Pledge Cards

Let God Lead

If you haven’t turned in your annual pledge card, it’s not too late. If you have misplaced the one you received in the mail, don’t worry. If you have your card filled out, please place in the offering plate or leave in the office.  Also, if  you are in need of another card, please contact the church office (607) 797-3938. ... Read More »

The Map to Find Your Way

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