Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dragon Slayers After School Program Update

Dear Staff and Friends of the Dream Center,

This is a reminder that the Dragon Slayers After School program, for youth 4th to 12th grade begins its Winter session, Monday, February 6th, 3:30 to 5:30 PM.

There is a planning meeting 2/1, Wednesday at 3:30 to finalize plans.  If you are a community agency who wants information on our program, you may go to: and click on Programs.  Our site has just been updated.

Please forward this to anyone who is interested in volunteering and new volunteers who are not on this list.  We are in need of office help with registrations, and volunteer paperwork, so let me know if you can help with that, or know of someone.  Hours for that are afternoons and evenings M-W and are flexible. This is the time for all new volunteers to get their paper work in.

We will meet briefly in regard to staff assignments.  Then, we need help working on the physical spaces for getting ready to open, cleaning the tables, chairs and fridge, moving bags of donated clothing out of the Rain Forest Reading Room, and sorting in the art room.  Feb. 6th, is one week from today.  We have handed out copies of the WHY TRY message of the month, which is:  “Defense Mechanisms.”  Let me know if you need a copy.

If you have time, go to the WHY TRY website and locate a picture of the poster, or information on it on their blog on it so you become familiar with it.  Different staff are going to take different days to lead a team building activity throughout the month related to that topic. I think it is also a good topic to do some skits on.   So be thinking of something you would like to present on or lead, related to Defense Mechanisms.

This link takes you to several video resources, and is a good spring board for other clips on the internet that we could use that demonstrate defense mechanisms.

Here is a link to some music for it:
You can also think of any songs that go with it.  We also have a WHY? TRY? CD, so we can use that, as well.

See you then!

Patricia Cardin
The George F. Johnson Dream Center  for Community Empowerment

Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial Church
308 Main Street, Johnson City, 13790

607-797-3938, X. 113


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